Android apps coming to windows 11

Microsoft has officially unveiled their latest operating system and all went as the leaks had earlier shown but with more surprises as the event went on. We saw new Start menu, icon redesign, centered taskbar and more that will make windows 11 better than windows 10. This is a revolution from Microsoft since the ages of Vista and XP.

One of the feature that was so amazing today was the fact that they are bringing Android apps to windows. They will use the Amazon App store and integrate it to the all new Microsoft store so that you can search your favorite app store and use it on your Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft will be partnering with Intel’s own Bridge Technology to make this a success on Microsoft store. The demo we saw today was someone using TikTok, the popular short video platform on a windows 11 powered pc.

The rollout will start later this year but will only be limited to a few PC that support Intel Bridge Technology hardware requirement. I hope later on they can figure it out on how to make sure the apps can run on any PC/Laptop powered with windows 11.

Windows 11 roll out

Something also to note is that windows 11 will start rolling later in the year till 2022 and will be a free upgrade for supported PC. Windows 11 ready PC are on the way but the first build will come in a weeks time for the windows insider program. You can sign up here. Windows insider program registration. You can also check if you are eligible for Windows 11 here.

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