Britam uses technology to offer premium relief for Motor insurance Customers

Britam General Insurance has launched a comprehensive, mileage-based telematics motor insurance cover, dubbed Motomatics, in partnership with AiCare Telematics Ltd, that enables consumers to pay less premiums, if they drive less than 10,000 km per year, and drive well.

The Motomatic cover is powered by Telematics Technology provided by Aicare, that uses an on-board device installed on the vehicle, or a mobile application downloaded to one’s phone, to collect and transmit data on driving behavior, such as speed, mileage, braking, acceleration, and location.

A comprehensive formula makes use of the driving data collected to calculate an appropriate driving score.
Based on the driver’s score, Motomatic will give drivers a discount for driving less, translating to a discount of up to 20% against the standard pricing, depending on the vehicle type and value.

Customers will be able to track their mileage through the mobile app or an online account, review their driving behavior analytics, file a claim, and access immediate support in the event of an accident.

The Motomatic cover has a mileage cap of 10,000 km, based on insights generated by Aicare’s data collected over time. Upon depletion of the mileage cap, customers can opt to top up the mileage for an additional 10,000 km, via their mobile app or online account.

Tom Gitogo, Britam Group Managing Director and CEO said, “Motomatic offers customers flexibility and cost efficiency enabling them to access services that align with their lifestyles especially within the motor insurance space that has seen minimal innovation. The launch of Motomatics aligns with our purpose of safeguarding dreams and aspirations.”  Adding, “We shall continue in our quest to roll out products that speak to the customer while riding on technology as an enabler.”

Evah Kimani, Britam’s Director of Partnerships and Digital, said, “Our partnership with Aicare to support Motomatic positions Britam at the core of offering customer centric solutions that are backed by data. This is the future of insurance where risk will be priced based on data specific to the customer.”

Motomatic which is an annual cover, offers several benefits including accidental loss, damage or destruction to the vehicle covered under the policy. Additional benefits include accidental loss or damage to the other person’s property arising from usage of the covered vehicle, among others.

To access Motomatic, customers can visit the product page on, to check whether they qualify, run a quote and proceed to buy.

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