Clubhouse Out of Beta, Now Available to Everyone.

Audio social platform, Clubhouse, is finally going wide. A year since its launch, the company announced that it would end its waitlist and invite system, and is now open to all. This means anybody can follow Clubhouse links, join a creator’s forum as well be able to create their own club, and also join any public event on the app. Clubhouse is also introducing a real logo that will look familiar — it’s basically a slightly altered version of the waving emoji the company already used.

“The invite system has been an important part of our early history,” reads a blog announcement from Clubhouse founders Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. “By adding people in waves, welcoming new faces each week in our Wednesday Orientations, and talking with the community each Sunday in Town Hall, we’ve been able to grow Clubhouse in a measured way,”. They note that they have always wanted Clubhouse to be open.

Clubhouse has inspired a wave of voice-based social networking from Twitter’s Spaces, Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, Spotify Greenroom (following their acquisition of Locker Room) and Discord.

This announcement also comes months after Clubhouse was introduced on Android in May after being exclusive to iOS. Clubhouse say they have reached 10 million downloads of the Android app in the first two months. And just last week, the company added a text-based chat feature called Backchannel, which according to Clubhouse, has seen “90 million DMs sent” since launch.

Clubhouse is available on iOS and Android.

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