Google Pixel 6 has a launch date

Google has been teasing the pixel 6 for a while now and it has grown to be one of the most awaited phones of 2021.

The pixel 6 is expected to come with a new processor which has been in the making for some years now and is expected to ramp up the perfomance of the phone. As we all know the pixels from previous gen, photography is a key thing and the pixel 6 as per Google will not disappoint.

Google Pixel 6 launch date and time banner

Android 12 is a key priority for the 6 series and will have some very exclusive features that I will talk about after the launch.

The Google Pixel 6 launch event is scheduled for October 19th 8PM EAT. You can watch the event live on their dedicated website. More information will be updated after the launch.

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