How fast is fast charging

Xiaomi fast charging

A lot of you know that nowadays every company is doing there best to make sure that you have the best battery life on your phone not forgetting about fast charging. Fast charging so far has seen a huge improvement globally and it will continue to get improvements. We have seen both wireless and wired charging.

Wireless charging needs a certain coil on your phone in order receive the charging currents. So far we have even seen True wireless charging speeds from brands like Xiaomi but for that you need certain amounts of antennae receivers on your phone or device in order to receive the charge waves. Of late, brands have introduced there own charging speeds to an extent of 120W wired charging. Check out our breakdown of wireless technologies from different brands here

Xiaomi 200W wired fast charging

Now, Xiaomi has taken this to the next step by introducing new wireless charging speeds comes up to 200W wireless fast charging. This is a new for the universe but I don’t think it will be available for the masses soon. The 200W wired charger as per Xiaomi promises to fill a 4000mAh battery in just 8 minutes which is insanely fast. Also their 120W wireless fast charging which could charger a 4000mAh battery in just 15 minutes which is the fastest than most brands out there.

Xiaomi HyperCharge

As I write this, there is no information about how they will protect the battery life and now that most of their phones come with more than 4100mAh, how long it will take to complete a full charge. But due to the speeds you can expect less than 20 minutes till fully charged.

Xiaomi is one of the brands that is pioneering this fast charging sector and I can’t wait to see what is next.

We will update the post once we confirm about how Xiaomi is working to protect the battery life during that kind of intense fast charging.

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