How to activate VoLTE on your Safaricom Simcard

Safaricom VoLTE

VoLTE is the short form for voice-over LTE. It is an LTE high-speed wireless communication standard for mobile phones and data terminals that delivers high-quality sound over voice calls and video calls across the 4G network. Something to note, VoLTE will not use any of your data and you will still be charged as per your normal calling rates.

Back in 2019, Safaricom announced VoLTE in Kenya with a promise of three times better call quality than 3G. By then not many phones had support for the VoLTE standard but now the majority of manufacturers are bringing phones that have the option for VoLTE. In order for VoLTE to work, your carrier has to be supporting it and your device should also be able to support VoLTE.

Activating VoLTE on your safaricom simcard

First, you need to check if your smartphone can support VoLTE. To do this you can either check supported devices by Safaricom via their website or look for your device specifications by the manufacturer. A simple way would also be to head over to your network settings then select the Safaricom 4G Simcard installed on your phone and look out for the VoLTE toggle button.

If your device is supported, make sure to leave the VoLTE calls button activated and if your Simcard is already VoLTE activated you will see a VoLTE sign just next to the network bars.

VoLTE active sign

If the sign is not there and your phone supports VoLTE, there is a simple fix for that.

  • Head over to your phone dialer
  • Input *456*7# and the call using the line you want to activate VoLTE for
  • Choose the option labeled as VoLTE
  • Then choose option 3 labeled as eneable/disable VoLTE on SIM card.
  • A popup will appear wih two options.
  • Choose option one to enable the service or option two to disable the service
  • A popup will appera confirming the action.
Choose option 3
Enable or disable VoLTE

If you follow the above instructions keenly, within 30 seconds you will be able to activate VoLTE services and enjoy high-quality calls and video calls.

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