How to copy and paste across devices using Clipt

Using Clipt, seamlessly and safely transfer text, photos, videos, and files by synchronizing your clipboard between your phone and laptop. It is as easy as copying on one device and pasting on another. Clipt creates a link between all your devices to increase productivity

Ever Emailed yourself an image to get it on your PC? Ever messaged yourself just to get something on your Mac? Ever struggled to send files between a computer and Mac? Clipt has made this easy with their app on Android & iOS and an extension on the Chrome browser

Uploading from Phone(Clipt App)

You can send a text to your PC or Mac in two ways. Once you have copied the appropriate text on your phone’s clipboard, you can either slide down the notification panel and click send or you can head over to the clipt app and send it over there. Clipt has also added the “Pinned” tab where you can save or ‘pin’ data that you don’t want to lose since it can only upload a few items. The text will appear on the Clipt Chrome extension and it will automatically be copied on your clipboard and ready for pasting anywhere.

Uploading from PC or Mac(Clipt Extension)

Uploading Media is even easier, you can add it using the + icon on Clipt App or navigate to where the file is on your phone and share it with Clipt. Clipt will upload the file and make it available for download on all your signed devices. the file will be available for download on your chrome extension.

To copy text from your PC or Mac to your phone, you will have to select the text copy the text and it should upload to clipt automatically. If it long to upload the text simply copy the text on a new tab on chrome and it should show up on your phone. you can also right-click for more options and select “Clipt selection” from the options. To upload files from your PC or Mac, you will click the upload button on the extension and select the file from there. This service is however only available for Google-supported apps and software. If the browser doesn’t support FMC I am afraid you won’t enjoy the service.

let me hear your thoughts and alternatives to Clipt down in the comment section. Good day, Good night, Good morning, and Good night Tech people.

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