Instagram introduces new Notes feature among other new updates.

Instagram continues to bring new features and updates this week announcing Notes, Candid Stories, Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections among others. Some may call the new developments an identity crisis with it criss-crossing between Tiktok reels like features or Facebook’s What’s on your mind, however one may decide to look at it, lets explore the new features.

Instagram looks to promote a more conversational approach with the new features. According to a post on Instagram’s website, the new feature allows you to “share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to.” Some of the features include Add Yours nominations, Candid Stories, Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections.

NOTES FEATURE: Notes allows you to share short posts of up to 60 characters using text and emojis. Notes attach to the profile image of selected recipients. To use Notes, go to the top of your inbox and select the recipients among the people you follow back and select “Leave a note,” then simply add your message. The note will appear for 24hours and any replies to your notes will be DMs. Instagram is till rolling out the feature thus if you cant see it, be patient.

ADD YOURS NOMINATIONS: The add yours features has gained great popularity since it was added with its creative ways of users to add unplanned posts. Instagram is testing an update to the feature where users can now invite friends to participate by tapping pass it on when you see something that reminds you of them.

CANDID STORIES: This is a new way for users to share what they are doing in a story that’s only visible to those who share their own stories. You can capture a candid from the stories camera, the multi author story at the top of the feed, or from the daily notification reminder that starts after your first candid.

GROUP PROFILES: Here people will be able to create and join a new type of profile to share posts in a shared profile with friends. Content shared ina group profile, will only be shared to group embers and not your followers. To create a group profile, tap the + and select Group Profile.

COLLABORATIVE COLECTIONS: This feature allows users to connect with friends who share interests by saving posts to a collaborative collection in a group or on personal DMs. You can start a collaborative collection by saving a post directly from a feed or sharing a post to a a friend via DM and saving it from there.

A lot of the new features are being tested(except notes) and hence many users may not be able to see it on their accounts before a more stable rollout.

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