MWC 2022: The new high for fast charging by Oppo


Faster charging seems to be the way to go for many Android manufacturers and Oppo is not lacking behind. So far we have seen even 160W fast charging from Infinix and other charging technologies including true wireless charging that are incredibly fast but how fast can fast charging get? Well, Oppo has an answer with their whooping 150W and 240W SuperVOOC technology.

“As charging science continues to develop at an ever-increasing pace, users’ expectations are responding accordingly. Since the launch of VOOC flash charge in 2014, OPPO has prioritized the overall charging experience while leading the development of flash charge technologies. We will continue to push the limits of high-power flash charge technologies, actively tackling emerging issues such as the deterioration of battery health, and providing users with safe, efficient, smart, and fast charging solutions that go beyond speed.”

Jeff Zhang, Chief Charging Technology Scientist at OPPO

During their MWC event in Barcelona, Oppo announced a series of innovations including their new charging technologies. They announced 150W fast charging with Battery Health Engine. As per OPPO, they integrated its self-developed Battery Health Engine within the ultra-fast 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge allowing the battery to maintain 80% of its original capacity after as many as 1,600 charge cycles, double the current industry standard, thus providing extremely fast charging in addition to the battery’s health protection. The 150W charger uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology to reduce the power adapter to a compact size and retain all that charging power. Oppo says the 150W SuperVOOC can charge a 4500mAh battery from 1% to 50% in 5 minutes and a full charge in just 15 minutes.

Oppo 240W SuperVOOC flash charge
Oppo 240W SuperVOOC flash charge

They also announced 240W fast charging which so far is the fastest we have heard so far. It can fully charge a 4500mAh battery in just 9 minutes. 240W SUPERVOOC is designed with 24V/10A technology on the Type-C interface. It boasts three charge pumps and the power supplied to the handsets can be converted to 10V/24A. It conforms to the existing device specifications and has been tested in terms of heat dissipation, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and enhanced safety. Furthermore, the battery’s leading discharge rating allows the hardware to support a maximum of 240W. Find out more here.

There is no information on when this technology will be mass-produced but for the 150W technology, I can say we might see it very soon on smartphones.

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