Netflix Games Rolls Out Globally on Android; iOS Version Due in ‘Coming Months’

It’s game on for Netflix. Following the July announcement that Netflix was in the early stages of expanding into gaming, the streaming giant announced its first collection of games, rolling out to subscribers worldwide.

Starting Tuesday, November 2nd, members everywhere can play five mobile games: Stranger Things: 1984 (BonusXP), Stranger Things 3: The Game (BonusXP), Shooting Hoops (Frosty Pop), Card Blast (Amuzo & Rogue Games), and Teeter Up (Frosty Pop). Then on November 3rd, Netflix will begin rolling out games to the app itself. When on a mobile device, Netflix Games will come packaged in its own dedicated row and have a dedicated tab where you can select any game to download.

“Whether you’re craving a casual game you can start from scratch or an immersive experience that lets you dig deeper into your favorite stories, we want to begin to build a library of games that offers something for everyone.”

Mike Verdu, VP Game Development.

This foray into gaming, Netflix says, is designed to buttress the core video-subscription service rather than representing a discrete new revenue stream. The games on Netflix are included as part of the overall subscription — with no extra fees, ads or in-app purchases. The games are available in many of the languages Netflix offer on service, so your games will automatically default to the preference set in your Netflix profile. If your language is not yet available, games will default to English.

Subscribers will be able to play games on multiple mobile devices on the same account. If you hit your device limit— Netflix will let you know and, if needed, you can sign out of devices not in use or deactivate them remotely on to free up a slot. Netflix also says these games are for adults only and are not available on kids profiles. If you’ve set up a PIN to prevent kids from having access to adult profiles, that same PIN will be required in order to log in to Netflix and play the game on a device.
While some mobile games may require an internet connection, others will be available to play offline.

Right now, only Android devices can take advantage of the gaming offerings, but Netflix confirms support for games on iOS will be rolling out in the next few months.

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