Netflix reduces prices for Kenyan users.

Netflix has reduced its subscription prices for its Kenyan and Sub Saharan Africa users. This comes on the wake of increasing competition as it looks to get new members and maintain current subscribers. Locally, Netflix is battling Showmax and Amazon Prime. Netflix had previously hiked its prices with the Premium package retailing at Ksh1450

Subscribers on the basic plan will notice the sharpest drop coming from Ksh700 to Ksh300. Those on the mobile plan will pay Ksh200 from Ksh300 while those on the Standard package paying ksh700 from Ksh1100 and premium at Ksh1100 from Ksh1450. This is a drop of 33%, 36% and 24% respectively. The price cut are effective from February 21st, 8am.

“We are always exploring ways to improve our member’s experience on Netflix. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of quality shows and films at an even better value,” said Netflix

Current members will see this change immediately while new members who sign up are set to enjoy the lower prices.

Previously, Netflix had moved to entice a wider audience reach in Kenya through offering a free mobile plan in 2021 offering about a quarter of its TV shows and movies.

The new Sub- Saharan prices are:

Mobile plan: 2.99USD from 3.99USD

Basic plan: 3.99USD from 7.99USD

Standard plan: 7.99USD from 9.99USD

Premium plan: 9.99USD from 11.99USD

The company still has plans underway to crack down on password sharing which had resulted in a huge revenue loss.

This price cut is likely to intensify a strong competition in the local video streaming services but is a good call for local TV show creators especially with the growth in the movie industry in Kenya with many local Tv shows and movies getting a spot on netflix.

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