Next Gen Wireless Charging

Next Gen wireless charging

From way back different companies have been trying to break their own boundaries to bring different and more advanced tech products in the industry. From facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, folding mechanism, under-display cameras and more charging power, brands have not stopped on research at all and lately we have seen lots of patents on wireless charging technology.

Huawei laser wireless charging patent

First from Huawei, they patented a wireless charging technology that uses lasers to charge different devices like laptops, smartphones and even wearables. For this there is wireless charging module placed in the room and allows charging of multiple devices on that specific room. Huawei have not clarified on the charging speed to expect . This particular design is still in testing and hopefully we will see it soon.

While the one for Huawei was a patent, we finally saw two brands yesterday showcase their own type of True Wireless Charging one of them being Motorola which showcased how their own design looks and how it can charge devices 100 centimeters away. Its not the furthest it can be but it is great to see different brands showcasing their own kind of method.

Motorola One Hyper charging demonstration

The Motorola technology is called Motorola One Hyper and as you can see in the above clip, they have placed their moto devices 80cm and 100cm respectively and if someone places their hand on the wireless module the charging stops. The charging speed is not specified.

For now the company with the most advanced true wireless charging technology is Xiaomi with their Mi Air Charging Technology.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

The company claims their charging technology supports 5W fast charging and can charge multiple devices simultaneously even when the device is in using. What gives it an advantage is the fact that it can charge devices even when there is an obstacle on the way and also the fact that it can charge devices which are several meters away.

For this to happen the phone needs to be equipped with 14 antennas to convert the millimeter wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electric energy through a rectifier circuit.

Mi Air Charge Showcase

Of all this charging technology, there is no specific date of when they will be available to consumers and there is not much information yet bout how they will be designed to help your battery life and not degrade it. This technology needs more deep research to make sure it doesn’t bring any kind of health issues to anyone using it. And yes, this is expensive so most probably it will start in commercial setups before arriving individual consumers.

Wireless charging technology has come a long way and it would be very awesome to just walk in a room and instead of looking for you charging cables or wireless charging pads, you devices start charging automatically.

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