OPPO Showcases “Inspiration Ahead” Through an Inspiring Documentary Video Series

OPPO has released a series of short documentaries profiling its employees through the OPPO’s Inspiring People series. The series consists of four bite-sized videos featuring OPPO employees from around the world, each with a unique story about how the different individuals embody OPPO’s “Inspiration Ahead” aspirations.

William Liu, OPPO’s Vice President and President of Global Marketing: “Inspiration Ahead means showing confidence and poise when we are moving forward. It encourages us to remain resolved and graceful as we brave the storm and break the stagnation.”

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OPPO Inspirational Women- Saritha Bandaru

The bindi is a colored dot at the center of the forehead originally by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains from the Indian subcontinent. It symbolizes honor, love, and prosperity. When OPPO engineer Saritha Bandaru noticed that bindis were disappearing from her snapshots, she decided to investigate. She and the algorithm teams discovered that it was in fact a region-based problem, stemming from cultural appropriation, and misguided beauty filters.

After a month of hard work and conducting various experiments, Saritha and the algorithm experts managed to add a new code that fixed the problem and restored the bindis. Saritha says that within a woman lies the power to create nurture and transform and her mother proved it tight by helping her become a top-class engineer.

OPPO pushes her to be better every day and gives her wings to fly and fills her with faith that she can be an inspiration to her daughter just like her mother was to her.  OPPO is the home of many inspirational women and mothers, just like Saritha who continue to look forward to the inspiration ahead.

OPPO Inspirational Leaders- Dan Amariei

He decided to have constant calls with them so that they could speak freely and build a sense of togetherness. Moreover, the OPPO culture of staying positive kept them inspired. According to Dan, if you want to evolve, you need to trust people and utilize all their capabilities.

To move forward, you need to trust those next to you. His 3 years in OPPO have changed his mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we’.  OPPO teams believe that togetherness encourages motivation. With leaders like Dan, we continue to look forward to Inspiration Ahead.

OPPO Inspirational Dreamers- Hong Li

“Every part of the world has its own special sounds.” Hong Li, a Senior Sound Designer at OPPO, wanted to find and share the unique melodies of Shenzhen City. He visited three distinct locations: the historic markets at Dongmen Square, the bustling Yuehai Street, and the tranquil Shenzhen Bay. These ambiances served as inspiration for the features of O Relax – and realized Hong Li’s ambition of sharing beautiful sounds with everyone.

In as much as the first version received many bad reviews, Hong Li moved past the feeling of discouragement and created a better version 2.0 which did so much better.  At OPPO, we aspire to help people achieve their ambitions through technology. With dreamers like Hong Li, we’ll continue to look towards Inspiration Ahead.

OPPO Inspirational Creative Thinkers- Sheng Cheng

“I want to make products that will shape the way people live.” Sheng Cheng, Senior Product Manager at the OPPO Research Institute, found it challenging to offer new ideas in the competitive robotics industry. However, she thought outside the box and discovered that she could apply those ideas in other fields to help improve and shape people’s lives.

Sheng Cheng desires to create products that shape the way people live. Her mantra is ‘keeping patience and staying ambitious’. She says that if she was to do things all over again she would tell herself not to be afraid and to try every possibility. At OPPO, we encourage innovation and exploring new ideas. With creative thinkers like Sheng Cheng, we’ll keep looking forward to Inspiration Ahead.

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