Realme Expands R&D Resources to Power its Fast Charging Technology 

Realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, confirmed the upcoming release of its next-gen flagship realme GT3 which will feature a world-leading 240W fast charging. Powering this industry innovation is realme continuous investment in R&D resources. The brand has now invested dedicated R&D centre named realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology in Shenzhen, China and a specialized branch in India. 

The brand’s mission is to empower young consumers with leap-forward technology and design. Bear this in mind, Realme continues to invest behind to build its product competency. The brand has already set up four major design studios globally to accelerate innovations in smartphone design. The dedicated R&D resources represent Realme’s strategy and determination to accelerate leap-forward innovations for future product development. 

The Institute in Shenzhen will be primarily tasked with developing major innovations in technology. At the same time, a research and development center in India will have the main task of gathering and sorting feedback from local users and guiding the development of future directions. This will lead to more agile and adaptive development, allowing Realme to deliver greater speed and quality, across technology, also in product, and marketing.

Realme Global Institue of leap-forward technology includes more than 60 global technical experts to oversee Realme’s product competence in the future jointly; Realme also expanded its R&D team, which now takes 60% of Realme’s total employees; The institution will seek Innovation on 6 major sectors including Charging, Photography, Display, Gaming, Chipset, and Industrial Design; Aside from building internal team, the institute will also work closely with partners and industry laboratories both from internal to external; It will also accelerate user demand exploitation and more efficient operation between R&D and marketing.

Yao Kun, President of Realme Global Research and Development, said, “Innovation enables a more rapid technological transformation through new inventions that did not exist before. Therefore, we are proud to announce that the Realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology was established to create a research framework to support our business growth going forward and create the leap-forward innovations needed by the market.”

Aside from that, every step of the company in product development will be based on the Spire Strategy, which means that every new product created will be equipped with at least one of the leap-forward technologies. Realme is always focused on making standout products that fans love, with more focused design technology. Through Spire Strategy, Realme will improve the product experience, where each product will be supported by superior design, performance, and experience. The three foundations will be the stable foundation of this ‘tower’ of the entire product experience, from technology to design, to performance, and more.

Realme will launch the Realme GT3 smartphone with the 240W fast charging technology to the global market. This smartphone will be revealed through an event at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, on February 28th. The world’s fastest 240W charging technology is one of the masterpieces of “Realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology”. Therefore, the global integration of R&D resources will further open up even more significant potential for leap-forward technology in the future.

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