Safaricom set to add 200 more 5G sites by end of 2021

The Telco giant Safaricom recently launched 5G in Kenya and rolled it to three counties. The 5G availability has been in testing since then and Safaricom will be introducing the 5th gen network to even more places in Kenya.

As of today, Safaricom has said that they will be enabling 5G in 200 more sites ahead of their mainstream release in 2022. This will enable more availability and more testing generally to people who have no home fiber option in their area.

5G can clock 20-40% better speeds than 4G according to a Qualcomm report which when available in Kenya can boost how we communicate and help gamers a lot in terms of latency. The best thing so far is that brands have started bringing more affordable 5G devices in Kenya unlike when Safaricom launched it and only a few flagship phones could access it.

So far in Nairobi, it is limited to very few places which Safaricom hasn’t clarified but we hope when the 200 sites are active we can access 5G in the majority of the counties. As even 5G is being rolled out, 4G still hasn’t reached that potential although Safaricom has clarified that they are doing their best to make Kenya full 4G capable and in their support also they have released some very cheap 4G phones that you can get with as little as Ksh 4,000.

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