Samsung Electronics Unveils Bespoke Home Promotional Combo

Bespoke top mount fridge

Samsung Electronics today announces a new promotional package that is designed to ensure customers enjoy the ultimate customization and functionality that speaks to their lifestyle. The curated package of Samsung’s popular Bespoke range of home appliances invites consumers to style their homes their way, with tailored packages, discounted by as much as 20%, that offer unparalleled customization and savings. The promotion has been dubbed the “Bespoke Home Combo Offer”. The promotion period will start on 1st September 2023 and end on 8th October 2023.

With the increasing demand for individualized solutions in homes, Samsung’s Bespoke series has been at the forefront of providing modular designs that reflect personal style. The Bespoke Promotion Combo takes this vision further, allowing consumers to benefit from exclusive packages and savings when choosing multiple products from the Bespoke line.

Samsung is offering two promotional combos; the White combo offer and the Black combo offer whereby customers can mix and match products according to their needs and will enjoy a 20% discount on purchase.

Our goal has always been to understand and address the evolving needs of our consumers. The Bespoke Home Combo Offer is a reflection of Samsung’s commitment to offering tailored solutions that don’t compromise on quality, innovation, or value. The combination deal we have introduced is a manifestation of our commitment to provide tailored choices, ensuring every individual can create an environment that’s uniquely theirs. By bringing together our most innovative appliances in harmonious combinations, we are not only offering unmatched value but also an opportunity for our customers to redefine their living spaces.

Mr Samuel Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Appliances Samsung East Africa

The ‘White Bespoke Combo’ offers customers a carefully curated set of clean white iconic appliances, which includes the white bespoke top mount refrigerator and the white bespoke front load washing machine that can be purchased at a 20% discounted rate of Ksh. 239,990, while the ‘Black Bespoke Combo’ offers customers a black top mount refrigerator, a black front load washer and dryer, and a black microwave which can be purchased at a 20% discounted price of Ksh.314,990.

Bespoke Home Combo customers will benefit from extended warranties and premium after-sales services, ensuring peace of mind with their purchase. Customers can purchase these appliances exclusively from the Housewife’s Paradise Store or online.

Samsung invites everyone to redefine their living spaces with home appliances that truly resonate with their style and needs. The future of home living is bespoke, and with Samsung, the possibilities are endless.

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