Samsung event happening today: WearOS expected

MWC (Mobile World Congress), one of the largest Mobile exhibition held in Barcelona, is happening from today, June 28 and at this congress many brands showcase some of their innovations and some event go o an extent of launching their own products. Some of the brands have withdrawn from the event due to Covid-19. The pandemic also led to last years complete cancellation.

As some brands will hold physical events, Samsung has opted for a virtual one which will be livestreamed on Samsung’s YouTube Channel . They have scheduled the event at MWC later on today starting at 8:15pm East African time.


A lot is expected from them but their main focus will be a connected ecosystem as well as their wearables. During Google’s Android 12 launch event, Google stated thy are working with Samsung on WearOS and as we know, the next Samsung watch will come with WearOS instead of Tizen. Samsung and Google are working together to integrate the two platforms to be WearOS which would be great to see it a success.

Although there will be a lot on the watch, we should not expect to see the official launch of the much waited Watch 4 but we might see some official hands-on about it.

More updates will be available on the blog after the 8pm event.

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