Samsung introduces bespoke top mount fridge in Kenya

Bespoke top mount fridge

Samsung Electronics East Africa has introduced the Bespoke Top Mount Fridge (TMF) into the Kenyan market. The TMF refrigerator which is quite popular in other global markets combines elegant design with a full range of Bespoke color and texture options to help give every kitchen a unique and stylish decor. Equipped with the latest in freshness technologies and energy saving, it makes food storage convenient, efficient, and flexible.

The Bespoke TMF refrigerator’s flexible design options help customers realize the unique aesthetic of their kitchen. With a range of Bespoke colors and finishes to choose from and an elegantly simple modern flat door design, its stylish finish helps bring the colors of a kitchen to life. Glass textures in Clean Black, Clean Navy, Clean Peach, Clean Pink, Clean Vanilla and Clean White offer a sleek, color-enhancing finish for a refined, modern look. By contrast, Cotta textures in Metal Charcoal, Metal Pink, and Metal White offer the warm, matte finish of baked terracotta.

These days, customers expect appliances to go beyond their basic functions. With a wide choice of colors and cutting-edge technologies like SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode, Optimal Fresh+ and SpaceMax™, users can enjoy the next level of kitchen experiences by storing their food at peak freshness, all while saving energy and keeping the living space looking beautiful.

Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

To complement this range of colors and finishes, the Bespoke TMF refrigerator’s clean, contemporary flat door design features streamlined recessed handles that do not protrude or get in the way. With recessed handles and a smart, refined design, the Bespoke TMF refrigerator enriches color schemes and fits in seamlessly with existing kitchen furniture.

Bespoke top mount fridge

The Bespoke TMF refrigerator’s Optimal Fresh+ compartment offers four distinct modes of refrigeration and can keep food fresh for up to twice as long as standard cooling. Located in an independently controlled drawer installed at the top of the fridge, the four unique temperature modes, Fridge, Meat & Fish, Soft Freeze, and Power Cool are designed to store different food types efficiently and optimally.

The Fridge mode is ideal for preserving fresh foods and frequently used daily items like dairy and deli foods. If users want to store unfrozen meat, fish, and poultry, Meat & Fish mode is perfect for keeping it fresh and ready for up to seven days. The temperature setting for Meat & Fish mode can go up to -1℃. If users are looking for an even longer storage time without full freezing, Soft Freeze mode applies a thin coating of ice that prevents freezer burn and allows for pliable cutting with no defrosting required. The temperature setting for Soft Freeze can go up to -4℃. For rapidly locking in the freshness of groceries, Power Cool mode blasts the Optimal Fresh+ compartment with cold air, reaching low temperatures fast and chilling foods and beverages quickly.

We understand that every home is unique, and the Samsung Bespoke refrigerators are designed to cater to this diversity. The Samsung research and Development team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail is taken care of, and the end result is a product that we are extremely proud to introduce to this market. With the Bespoke refrigerators, Samsung has taken customization to a whole new level. The Bespoke refrigerators allow you to choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and finishes to perfectly match your home’s décor. The goal is to provide Kenyans with a refrigerator that not only meets their functional requirements but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of their home.

Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics East Africa, Mr. Samuel Odhiambo

With the dedicated Optimal Fresh+, the Bespoke TMF refrigerator lets users store all kinds of foods flexibly, making the storage of numerous food types simpler and more convenient.

To give customers more freedom in how much food they can keep fresh at once, the Bespoke TMF refrigerator comes with 20 liters more storage capacity than previous models with no extra exterior bulk.

The Bespoke TMF refrigerator is designed with special SpaceMax™ technology that uses high urethane insulation to allow for much thinner fridge walls with no compromise in energy efficiency. This gives the Bespoke TMF refrigerator plentiful drawer and shelf space for foods of many shapes and sizes, all while retaining the sleek, streamlined look of its design.

The Refrigerator is available at authorized Samsung Retail stores in all major towns in the Country starting at KSH 97,995. You can also purchase it from the Samsung online store using this link.

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