Sony SRS-XG500 Wireless Speaker Review

Sony SRS-XG500 wireless speaker

I have been using the Sony SRS-XG500 Wireless speaker for a while now and it has served me very well in that time of usage. This speaker stands in the premium wireless speaker segment with its Ksh 47,000 plus price range.


The build quality is outstanding and with the included upper handle, you are assured ease of carrying it around. The material used on the XG500 feels premium and shows Sony’s dedication to its premium users but the cloth area tends to get dusty easily but is easily cleanable.

The speaker has IP66 water and dust resistance so you are assured of continuous entertainment even when it is raining. Out of the box when the speaker is idle for like 15 minutes, it switches itself off to preserve power but this option can be turned off via the Sony Music Center App.

The sound quality is well-balanced and with a well-mixed audio, you can enjoy every detail on it. The bass here is pleasant but somehow to experience it you have to switch on the MEGA BASS option found either on top of the speaker or via the Sony Music Center app found either on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The App also allows you to customize the sound as per your needs or even add more speakers to create either a stereo setup or switch between rooms.

For RGB nerds, the speaker has RGB lights on each of the sides that can be configured using the Music Center App. The App also allows you to control the outputs and inputs. The speaker has 2 USB ports, one used for playing/charging and the other specifically for charging. There is also Guitar/Mic input, AUX input, and a DC 20V charging port.

One thing I love about the XG500 is its battery life. It gives me a clean over 60H of usage after a full charge which allows for usage outdoors without the worry that it will drain out that fast.

Do note that this is a front-firing speaker but with side-firing low-end speakers which are two 4.3″ Woofers and Two 0.98″ Tweeters. The ports are found on the rear for seamless cable management when in need of connecting cables.

Sony SRS-XG500 rear port placement

For Bluetooth, the SRS-XG500 connects with two devices simultaneously but to avoid interruptions then you have to disconnect the other devices and only use one at a go.

Overall, this is an amazing wireless travel speaker. From its build quality, and seamless connectivity to its sustainable battery life, this is a speaker worth the time and money. You have to listen to its sound to enjoy every bit of it.

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