Spotify Wrapped 2022: Here’s how to view your top music and podcasts of the year.

December is the month when the cultural phenomenon that is Spotify Wrapped takes over the internet. It takes over Twitter, it takes over Instagram, it takes over TikTok, and some foolhardy souls even post it on Facebook.

Spotify launched on November 30, 2022 Wrapped recaps, the annual digital experience that digs through the data of your musical tastes for the year.

Spotify Wrapped is undeniably the most anticipated music-sharing social media event of the year. At the end of the year, the audio streamer compiles the most listened-to songs, top artists, genres, and podcasts that a listener listens to that year. The feature has evolved over the years, where it became more sharable on social media sites with new add-ons like describing your audio aura, and it has become a namesake to Instagram stories and Twitter timelines alike.

How do you view your Spotify Wrapped?
1. Log into your Spotify account on iOS or on Android devices
2. Click the Spotify Wrapped 2022 banner on your home page. The banner should read you name followed by “Your 2022 Wrapped is ready. Dive deep into the music and podcasts you loved most this year.”
3. Enjoy the compilation of playlists and stats from your Spotify Wrapped 2022!

Spotify Wrapped shows you a multitude of your listening habits of the year. Spotify Wrapped usually includes:
1. Your top artists
2. Your top songs
3. Your top genres and the amount of genres you listened to
4. The amount of time you’ve spent listening to music on Spotify
5. The number of new artists you’ve discovered
6. The number of countries your music has been played in

In the past years, Spotify also included fun features like your Audio Aura and what top percentage of listeners you are for an artist. This year, Spotify includes “Your Audio Day” which includes descriptions about your listening habits throughout the morning, afternoon, and night.  it also includes 16 different Listening Personality types based on how you listened to music throughout the year. According to Spotify, the feature “not only tells you about the music you listen to but what that says about your music taste—bringing a whole new layer of personalization and insight to the entire Wrapped experience.”

Back then, users had to screenshot their Spotify Wrapped stats and then post them on their social media accounts. But today, Spotify made it super easy to share your stats on social media.

Spotify conveniently puts each stat in its own quirky card and formats it like an Instagram story. For each stat card, there is an option to share it. Just click or tap on the share button and share on your preferred platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp or Facebook, and if you’re really ambitious, you can also embed it on your website. This year, Wrapped unleashed new ways to celebrate your end-of-the-year listening list. Fans can also unlock a personalized Snapchat lens that reflects their Listening Personality and enjoy special Wrapped-themed apparel for Bitmojis anywhere they are available, as well as custom Wrapped-themed GIFs across all GIPHY partners. At the end of the slideshow, Spotify compiles the most important on the list like your top songs of the year, minutes listened, and top artists. To share the playlist, simply go to the playlist and tap or click the three dots and click share to share the link.

If you still can’t find your Wrapped, it’s possible you haven’t used Spotify enough to generate sufficient data to create a personalized recap. For users to be eligible for Wrapped, they must stream at least 30 tracks for more than 30 seconds, as well as stream at least five artists, sometime between Jan. 1 and early November.

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