TechED KTN Life&Style show

For the past one week all eyes have been in the best tv station in terms of news and entertainment that is KTN Home for a new segment all about Tech. The show aims to educate viewers about tech products in the market in order to make research easier for everyone.

At the end of it there are weekly giveaways of various items. The show is every friday from 7:30a.m. till 9:00a.m and a facebook live show from 12:30p.m.

Everybody from production to the TechED team is really working everything up to keep you up to date in this tech niche. For anything tech and if you want your productts feautured kindly talk to us on our email and we are sure to feature it and give our views on the product.

To our viewers thank you for the support and giving us the best audience. We need to hear from you and the feedback you have inclusive of where you want us to improve.

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