The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are here; how to watch the Games live.

As a result of the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympic Games kick off today July 23rd, in Tokyo, Japan, and will run through to August 8th. Here are the ways to watch the games live.


Multichoice have dedicated eight Supersport channels to broadcast the games. They have renamed the channels on the existing Supersport lineup which will be available across their five packages from Premium to Access. All eight channels will be available for the Premium (KES 7900 p.m) and Compact Plus packages (KES 4800 p.m). The Compact package (KES 2650 p.m) will broadcast six channels, while the Family package (KES 1380) will have four channels. The lowest-priced Access package (KES 1000) will have two of the eight channels. DStv are currently offering the decoder with the dish kit and one month of DStv Access at KES 2999. Here’s the channel list.

The renamed Supersport channels on DStv dedicated to broadcasting the Olympic Games.

Showmax Pro

The video-on-demand service, owned by Multichoice, airs live events, such as sports and news, which makes the subscription cost a bit more than the ordinary Showmax. Showmax Pro will be airing the Olympic Games at the monthly subscription cost of KES 2100. For new users, they will get two free months for the same price. The mobile plan, known as Showmax Pro Mobile, has a monthly subscription tag of KES 1050.


Multichoice has also dedicated four channels to broadcast the games for GOtv subscribers. All four channels will air on GOtv Max (KES 1300 p.m), three channels will be available on GOtv Plus (750 p.m) and one channel on the GOtv Value package (KES 500 p.m). Here’s the channel list with the packages available.

GOtv have renamed 4 channels dedicated to broadcasting the Olympic Games.

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