Uber Comfort launched offering premium ride experience in Kenya

Uber has today announced the launch of Uber Comfort, a high-end mobility product with rider preferences aimed at adding an additional layer of customisation and comfort for every trip.

With the new Uber Comfort, riders will experience some of the newest cars on the Uber platform. These vehicles boast spacious interiors with ample legroom, allowing riders the opportunity to stretch comfortably during their journey.

The new “Rider Preferences” in-app feature allows riders to tailor the ride to their specific requirements, by requesting a vehicle temperature and a conversation preference.

Riders will have the ability to have the vehicle temperature set to their liking before pick-up, allowing them to ensure comfortable conditions regardless of external weather conditions.

In addition, riders who select Uber Comfort will be able to select conversation preferences, including opting for a silent trip. Trips on Uber Comfort will be priced slightly above the equivalent UberX trip.

Imran Manji, Head of East Africa, Uber commented: “Uber aims to reimagine how the world moves for the better. With the launch of Uber Comfort in Nairobi, we are providing our most discerning passengers with a modern, spacious and personalizable method of moving around our city, while also introducing more options for drivers to access economic opportunities.”

Uber Comfort has been launched around the world and within Sub-Saharan Africa, it is also available in South Africa, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

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