What Is RCS na Mbona?

Nitajaribu to be simple on this, so RCS or Rich Communication Service ni a modern improved way of sending texts, location or media by text provided uko na a data connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) whose target ni ku replace the normal SMS text messaging and MMS, ile unajaribu kutuma picha inakua MMS inakawia kukua sent or such stuff.

Basically ni juu it’s the best way of sending texts, image and audio, dare I say it’s sort of the equivalent (au chini kiasi) ya WhatsApp, normally I call it WhatsApp ya texts. Unaweza send anything from text, ngoma, voice note, location, gifs, stickers you name it. Though naelewa part ya whatsapp and such but pia kuna time msee hudai kusare hizo streets.

Unaweza ona msee akitype, kama amesoma the text or viewed what you have sent, basically ni text messaging imeenda group of school but you can choose to turn off these features that is the typing and all.

Who is Eligible for RCS?

RCS comes with Google messages (which comes pre-installed on almost all android phones) or Samsung messages and is usually the default messaging app on karibu all the android phones.

How to Activate RCS.

First cheki kama uko na google messages installed kwa simu, if not ingia kwa playstore, search for messages by google (ziko kadhaa but install au sakinisha kwa Kiswahili sanifu enye developer ni Google LLC. Ikifanya ile kitu then we can start ku activate RCS.

  1. Tap kwa Messages app to open.
  2. Kuna icon iko hapo next kwa magnifying glass that has your email profile picture, tap hapo.
  3. Italeta tab iko na details kadhaa, usibabaike, tafta yenye ni message setting, gusa hapo tukiendaga.
  4. Imekuleta kwa tab ingine that iko na general na hapo chini ni ya the sim cards that uko nazo, these are individual settings za each line au one line, inadepend phone yako ikona lines ngapi. Kidole kwa general tukivamoos.
  5. Imeleta tab ingine sio, the first section hapo ni RCS chat, click, kuna sasa option ya turn on RCS chat, finya hapo uiturn on, italeta prompt ya verify number.
  6. Input number, acha iverify, after that status itaandika Status: CONNECTED, sometimes it takes time kuconnect but worry not, ikileta ngori you may repeat the process again.
  7. You are good to go,uko ndani ya RCS, so ukiwa kwa place kuna wifi au ukiwa na data with no sms bundles unaweza tuma kitu unadai.

DISCLAIMER: downside ya hii kitu ni lazma the other end akue na RCS na pia data yake iwe on. Na haiwork na wasee wa iPhone, kina Bossman na Shelmie, heri Bossman ako na android mahali, Shelmie hana any, kila kitu iPhone fanboy, hawa ni crew btw, you’ll hear more about them in the coming blogs.

how to know kama rcs iko on ni before you start typing, the message space will always show RCS (network provider name) e.g RCS (Safaricom), in case you send the text ikatae kwenda, unaclick to on options which will be below the text the you may use the normal way to send the said text.

How to Deactivate RCS:

Same process but ukifika hapo after general settings unaclick turn off RCS na umetoka mpangoni just as easy.

So peoplez, this is why at times you may find yourself umetext msee na hukua na SMS bundles na imeenda na akareply ukadhani ni network provider amekua generous, zi mtu yangu, ni RCS.

maono ya mwisho:

Acha tufunge hii mkutano…ooh, kuna ya Samsung messages by why use that when the google one is more widespread on many more android devices, though you may give it a try, it’ll work the same na utapiga shughuli fiti pia. till the next one, I have vamoosed.

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