What’s new on WhatsApp: October 2022

Latest On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is still one of the most used forms of communication on a daily basis and new features keep being added to it. Currently, everyone has received the chat reactions feature but that’s a feature that is long due so far so what new on the latest update?

WhatsApp has added a feature that lets you see who has added a status without going to the status window. For every person who has added a status, you will see a green outline on the profile photo. You will see this only if you have ever sent a message or received a message to that particular person and the chat has not been deleted from the chat list.

Also on chats, you can now sort your messages and see the unread chats. All you have to do is tap on the search bar and tap unread to check only the unread chats. You can now undo delete for any deleted message a few seconds after deletion. Note that this only applies to the delete for me option and not delete for everyone. WhatsApp has not confirmed how many seconds you can delete but as per my testing, it only takes less than 5 seconds.

Something cool about the latest update is the ability to see link previews shared via status. Before the update, only a link would be shown and now due to link preview availability, you can open any link with an understanding of what content the link really includes.

On groups, after increasing the member threshold, now only admins can see when you leave a group. Same admins can now delete a text for anyone on the group and the group will see who deleted the specific text. You can also check out what’s new on WhatsApp groups here or via the below reel.

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