WhatsApp Introducing Group Calls

WhatsApp has recently introduced group voice and video calls. This feature allows you to join or leave calls happening in groups that you are in, you can also start your own group call. Group voice calls allows up to a maximum of 8 participants in a call at the moment, we are not sure if that number is going to increase as the feature develops. When you receive a group voice call, the incoming WhatsApp group voice call screen will show the participants currently on the call, and the first contact listed will be the participant that added you. Group voice call history will be shown in the CALLS tab like any other call. Tapping on the call allows you to see the list of participants on the call. If you missed a call you can still join from this tab if it is still ongoing.

How to start a group voice or video call

  1. Open the group you want to sart a call with
  2. Click the call button top right corner of your phone
  3. Add the participants then choose to either video call or voice call

This feature is quite similar to WhatsApp conference calls where after calling one person you can add other people to the call, the difference is with group calls you to call all the participants at a go.

You should note that it only works with saved contacts and you cannot call contacts that are not saved

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