YouTube Cancels Rewind for good

YouTube has finally canceled Rewind after 10 years. YouTube Rewind is the annual year-end round-up of trends, creatives, memes and the most popular videos on the site. YouTube confirmed this on the Twitter page.

YouTube says it is doing away with the compendium for good not because of the criticism it has received but because it’s platform has become so immense to the point it is close to impossible to compile all that at the end of the year.

YouTube goes further stating that while creators are the best way for Rewind to move forward, YouTube won’t be funding any of these efforts, though I will be promoting them on its social channels. This means the company is not exiting the business of the year-end recapping. It will continue producing annual trends lists, which rank noteworthy videos and creators across different categories. YouTube highlited that Tubefilter will continue to commemorate the year in online video.

Lastly YouTube teased that it’s planning a global end of year interactive experience, It is however not disclosing any additional information.

Things were going smooth with YouTube Rewind until the last Rewind back in 2018 where the video had more dislikes than likes. This showed the fans were not happy with the Rewind. The fans said there’s so much that had been left out. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki conceded that the clip had missed the mark. In 2019 YouTube took a different turn abandoning the traditional format opting for data driven content.

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